Art Statement

I have chosen to work with mixed media because, for me, one medium is not sufficient to express

the complexity of what interweaves the human spirit and the inner world.  I am better able to find

sufficient depth in mixed medium to provide proper weight to what I need to express.

In the process of creating my art, I start with a poetic reflection which I use to transition my thoughts into imagery.

As it is in nature, in my process nothing is set by chance.  Each color, line and intensity have

a purpose, an entanglement of multiple interpretations.

I have discovered that my approach is based on experimentation, without control but with intention. 

I discover what each part of the process contributes to, I accept it and integrate it into the whole. It is a clear harmony between what the ink proposes, and the paper accepts. In this trance, the piece constructs itself.

Its creation takes from me physical preparation: Energy, workout routine and concentration

without interruptions mostly - at dawn - between 3 and 7.

Each piece of art is constructed as if it were the first and the last; the first because I am full of emotion,

amazement and expectations. The last because I have given everything, I am drained and satisfied with the privilege of completion. I find inspiration in the desert, in its colors and aromas, the texture of the sand on the feet.

It is not an empty place; in this aridity, life is expressed in its simplest form. In the desert, the sun overwhelms with its primal energy. There is always a predominance of yellow and ocher that represent the powerful strength

of the sun and the sweetness of the desert honey.

The female nudes are symbols of abundance, fecundity and gestation.

They represent the power of mother nature, giver of continuous creation. I am drawn to the subject of insects

because they represent to me the essence of life: Fragile, small and continuously ignored. They are wise by intuition, perfectly organized and in sync with nature-free, detached and connected with a higher consciousness.

I invite the viewer to meditate with open eyes on my interpretation of reality

and the vision of the inner world through visual metaphors: A tangible world of the intangible.



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©2019 by Ana Mabeline Aguirre